For Individual Buyers/Sellers


We analyze more than 20 parameters of the property that have a great impact in the life of present and future generations which you would not have seen anywhere else ranging from Pollution Index to Water Salinity. Come join us in living a happy and unique life.


We prepare a strategy for each and every project considering all the factors including the location and the targeted age group customers keeping in mind the functional viability of the surrounding.

For Builders

We have a comprehensive way for each and every builder keeping in mind the vision and goal of the company. A modern Psychological way of approach is been followed and data analysis of all Projects of the builder is studied thoroughly thus enhancing the Probability of conversion.

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For Franchise

We are an established Channel partner and we provide  Franchise opportunities for interested and motivated people who have a basic prior knowledge of the industry . For further information regarding this please drop a mail or give us a call.

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We are a reputed Channel partner company having partnership with  a number of Builders to provide the best solution possible. We believe in Statistics and technology while analyzing a property instead of old traditional ways. We Provide you with a free sample report of the location that you are interested in covering all the aspects and parameters that make up a good and pleasant living space where you and your future generations will breathe.