Personalized Report to Buyers

Absolutely free for first time Buyers


Parameters for Analysis of the Property

  • Location,
  • Builder reputation,
  • Legal track record - (mandatory documents and rera compliance)
  • Delivery time
  • Water sources along with the ph analysis of drinking water
  • Night life,entertainment,safety & security,
  • Hospitals,educational institutions,and industries
  • Transporation access
  • All weather analysis of the location,
    Nearby waterbodies analysis
  • Air pollution index investigation
  • Green building efficacy
  • Electricity availability ratio
  • City connectivity in all directions and modes etc.

Price -> Other than First time Buyers : Rs.5000

Future Forecasts

Tell us your location and we will tell your future prospect .


  • Past status of the location
  • Current trend of it
  • Demand ratio
  • Viability to be a hotspot of the city
  • Future proposed schemes
  • Price prediction for the location 10 years from now
  • Proposed private institutions and industries
  • Future planned developments
  • RoI calculation
  • Price : Rs.2000


We Provide PACK 1 free of cost for first time Buyers and for others if you choose both PACK 1 and PACK 2 as combo we provide the report at Rs.6000.

Our Belief

People Say They Have Landed In A Good Property Because Of Luck , We Believe In Knowledge ,Ground Reality and Data aiding in Creating The Luck ourselves For The Customers Who Trust Us.